News October 2018

Delighted to have been awarded the Black Swan Arts Open 2018 Solo Show Award


News September 2018

People’s Choice Prize winners

Davies, Monaghan & Klein, The Desperate Hours I and II, 2017, Mixed media with looped animated films showing as ‘live action’.

Davies Monaghan and Klein begin our 6 week residency at Barbican Arts Group Trust (BAGT) on 1st October. The residency was awarded as part of the BAGT Open 2017. New work undertaken as part of the residency will be on show on the Friday and Saturday 9/10th November 2018.

We are also showing work in the group show 'The Ghost Tide' curated by Monika Bobinska and Sarah Sparkes from 4 October - 20 November 2018: http://www.canalprojects.info/exhibition.php?Id=87

exhibition – The Ghost Tide


The Ghost Tide Curated by Monika Bobinska and Sarah Sparkes at Thames-Side Studios The Ghost Tide - coinciding with the festivals of Hallowe'en, All Souls and the Day of the Dead - takes as its starting point the perspective that ghosts exist as an idea, or as part of belief system, across cultures, across national borders and throughout ...


Thames-Side Studios Gallery: The Ghost Tide , curated by ...

Thames-Side Studios is the largest single-site studio provider in the UK

We have two pieces of work in Visions in the Nunnery Programme

3 from 27 November - 16 December 2018


Visions in the Nunnery | P3 Bedwyr Williams


Visions in the Nunnery is back – the Nunnery Gallery’s renowned showcase of recent moving image and performance. Three programmes will present an international overview of some of the most exciting and boundary-pushing digital art, showing over 60 international artists selected from over 1,000 submissions. Programme 3 is headed by Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams, who is presenting both performance and film as part of Visions’ closing programme. Williams’ work is often fantastical, surreal and humorous – telling the idiosyncratic and everyday narratives of people’s lives. These are themes that run throughout the work of programme 3, featuring moving image and installation – including the voyeuristically installed animated films of Davies, Monaghan and Klein. Architecture bolsters much of this work, including Williams’ own Hypercaust (2017) – commissioned by Storyhouse Gallery, Chester – which imagines an empty and moonlit Roman Fortress Bathhouse using CGI while recalling the hearsay of modern.